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November Month of Praise Challenge

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Shalam Family!!

This month the sisters are unifying spiritually in another journal challenge. Each day you will be challenged to praise the Most High in a different way.

We welcome anyone who would like to walk the path of a month of praising the Most High and all His wondrous works!

Be sure to use the same journal that you did for your Spiritual Awaking challenge.

November 1st

- Write a prayer for 2 spiritual goals you have for this month.

November 2nd

- Answer: why is the Most High worthy of our praise? Add a supporting scripture.

November 3rd

- What are 5 ways you can praise the Most High through your actions? Put them into action this week.

November 4th

- Read and write out Psalm 30. Answer: how can you thank the Most High for all the mercy he has given to you?

November 5th

- How can you serve the Most High better? Find one example in the scripture.

November 6th

- Psalm 103:3 says: "Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;" What iniquities have you done in your life that the Most High has forgiven you of?

November 7th

- How can you praise the Most High when you are in a weak and challenging time in your life?

November 8th

- Read Psalm 9. Write out the words to a song or poem that sing praise unto the Most High.

November 9th

- Oh Most High, thank you for….

November 10th

- Read Psalm 51. List 10 things that you would like the Most High to purge from you.

November 11th

- Write your own psalm in praise of the Most High, be sure it has at least 5 verses.

November 12th

- What is the Most High teaching you this week?

November 13th

- Read and write out Psalm 133. Write your own psalm thanking the Most High for the brothers/sisters in your life.

November 14th

- List at least 3 actions you will do this week that show the Most High gratitude for all the blessings in your life?

November 15th

- What attributes of the Most High did you see in your life yesterday?

November 16th

- Write a psalm thanking the Most High for all the loved ones in your life.

November 17th

- Find and write out 3 scriptures that speak on praising the Most High that are not in the book of Psalms.

November 18th

- Read Psalm 139. How are you "fearfully and wonderfully made"?

November 19th

- How do you find comfort in the Most High?

November 20th

- Share a psalm with someone today, tell them why you choose this psalm.

November 21st

- Read and write out Psalm 6. Answer: how has the Most High healed you this week?

November 22nd

- Make a list of 5 things you will sacrifice of yourself today to show the Most High you appreciate all he has done for you.

November 23rd

- Read Psalm 144:5. How is your hope in the Most High?

November 24th

- Pray the prayer of the Three Holy Children (verse 29 down).

November 25th

- How did the Most High bless you today?

November 26th

- Find a scripture to show that even the angles praise the Most High.

November 27th

- Find a scripture to show that even the angles praise the Most High.

November 28th

- Read and write Psalm 101. Did you behave yourself wisely this month?

November 29th

- What was your favorite Psalm from this month? Why was this your favorite?

November 30th

- Did you complete the 2 goals you set this month? Why/why not?


Thawadah to everyone who participated in this month's challenge! I pray that these challenges do help you to set aside time each day to study more and help with keeping your focus on the Most High and all the great things he does for us daily.

I love you all and pray you keep diligent in praising and exalting the Most High above all forever!


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1 comentário

05 de nov. de 2021

Thawadah sis, this was much needed.

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